Discussions On: Finding Common Ground: What we Heard & What's Important to Bring Forward - Day Two

May 6, 2021

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Facilitators reported back on breakout groups where Summit participants reflected on the many voices and perspectives heard during the Summit. The discussion focused on identifying the most common and important themes to bring forward in the process to develop the integrated strategy.



Karine Glenn, Strategic Project Director, Nuclear Waste Management Organization

Manvi Bhalla, President & Co-Founder, Shake up the Establishment
Lisa Deguire, Principal Consultant, O Consulting
Angela Donnelly, Senior Associate, Legitimate Leadership
Kathy Kaye, Behaviour Change Specialist, Leadership Coach, Lucentia Coaching
Nahla Kor, Owner, Kor Capabilities Consulting
Valery Navarrette, Strategist, Storyteller, and Community Builder
Rob Woods, CEO, Moosomin Economic Development Ltd