ISRW Information Sessions - in Support of the Draft Report for Public Comment

Welcome – Bienvenue – Boozhoo – Tánishi – Tungasugit

Thank you for your interest in being part of the development of an integrated strategy for long-term management of radioactive waste in Canada.

It’s important that we hear from Canadians and Indigenous peoples representing a variety of interests and perspective who are interested in this Strategy development process.

In October and November 2022, the NWMO will be hosting a series of Information Sessions in Support of the Draft Report for Public Comment. These sessions are part of a next step in planning for the safe management of Canada’s radioactive waste for the long term.

All sessions will be virtual.
Some sessions will be bilingual, offered in English with simultaneous French translation.

Past Sessions

Open Session 1 Bilingual

October 26, 2022
1400 - 1500 ET

Open Session 2 English

October 26, 2022
1800 - 1900 ET

Open Session 3 Bilingual

November 1, 2022
1800 - 1900 ET

Open Session 4 English

November 3, 2022
1300 - 1400 ET

We look forward to your questions on this important topic.

Please note, the Information Sessions are not a discussion on Adaptive Phased Management (APM) and the siting of a deep geological repository for used nuclear fuel. To learn more about APM and opportunities or engagement in that process, please visit

Preparing for your Information Session

Information will be provided during the event. However, if you want to learn more before attending an Information Session, here are some helpful resources:

Draft Integrated Strategy for Radioactive Waste for Public Comment Report →
Information Session Presentation →
ISRW Forum →

If you are not able to attend any sessions, please email any question that you may have at

Please submit your feedback and comments about the draft strategy via email at or use the ISRW forum page during our 90-day public comment period from August 25, 2022 to November 24, 2022.

Following the close of the comment period, we will review your comments, along with the others received, to inform the final ISRW recommendations. The ISRW will not be finalized and submitted to the Minister of Natural Resources until after the government’s revised Policy for Radioactive Waste Management and Decommissioning is published, which is expected in late 2022, to ensure the recommendations that we put forward align with and support the policy.

Got Questions?

If you have questions about the Information Sessions, please contact us by email at: