Canadian Radioactive Waste Summit


Thank you to all those who joined us for the Canadian Radioactive Waste Summit, March 30 to April 1, 2021. This virtual event launched the engagement process for the development of the Integrated Strategy for Radioactive Waste.  We were pleased to hear from diverse voices on a variety of topics that will be considered in the development of Canada’s Integrated Strategy on Radioactive Waste.  
We invited Canadians and Indigenous peoples interested in participating in the development of the strategy to gather, learn, and share their perspective in a series of talks, panels, and interactive sessions online. We hosted breakout discussion groups where participants could interact with others and learn more about the topics.  
There were sessions geared to youth, Indigenous peoples, industry, civil society organizations, academia, knowledge specialists in the waste field and interested Canadians.  

Please find below resources from the Summit and continue to visit this website for further reports and updates on what we heard. 

Program and Session Recordings

Introductory Remarks, Opening Prayer, & Keynote - Day One

These opening remarks are prayer shared Indigenous intentions and perspectives on how to shape positive interactions throughout the Summit and launched the dialogue aspects of Integrated Strategy for Radioactive Waste (ISRW) Project.

Panel: Taking Stock: How is Waste Managed Today - Day One

This session provided an overview of current regulatory oversight, radioactive waste management practices including waste minimization efforts, and projects currently underway for the long-term management of Canada’s radioactive waste.

Park Your Assumptions - Day Three

This keynote talk broke down many long-standing misconceptions regarding Indigenous peoples, development projects, and public engagements.